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October 23, 2006
Please pardon our dust....We're moving (virtually and physically) so things could get REALLY messed up.

This website showcases my self-made collection of fanart. I don't own any rights to the characters I choose to interpret in hat, clothing, or stuffed doll form (or any other medium for that matter) The lack of good quality licensed merchandise for these anime characters seems to have given birth to this fandom movement and I'm not the only one in this field. If you look around you'll find exceptionally talented artists. I accept commissions and will do trades ^_^ Please use the banner above to link to me. And I'll be delighted if you'd ask me for tips/advice for your own projects. If you are looking for official merchandise, here are links to reputable online sellers (seems the only way to collect anime stuff) and yes, they are in order of my preference:

Hello Panda chocolate, cream & strawberry filled biscuitsHello Panda is my favorite snack and I'm not sure that others even know there are other Japanese snacks aside from Pocky (my favorite Pocky flavor is Decorer Mocha). But there's a whole lot of other snacks waiting to be sampled by me and you. Click on the image for a great Asian food store. Their no-frills pages load fast and efficient ordering and delivery system gets your yummy snacks to your door in no time.